Join the Team

How to Join the Texas Waterski Team

  1. Sign up for our e-mail list! This email list allows officers and boat divers to communicate to the team about meetings, practices, social events, and other important information. Fill out the form here:
  2. Pay dues! Your dues to the team will cover things like: the lease to our own private lake, our team boat, gas for the boat, the usage of any of our equipment (skis, gloves, handles, life jackets, etc.), travel expenses, and partial tournament fees. Talk to our current Treasurer about dues and payment plan options.
  3. Fill out the HornsLink Membership Packet! To officially be a part of our team you need to let the University know through HornsLink. You’ll need a photocopy of your medical insurance card if you have medical insurance, and a copy of your drivers license and drivers insurance if you are a licensed Texas driver and would like to help drive for the team. Fill out the HornsLink Membership Packet here:
  4. Become a USA Water Ski Member! To be eligible to ski at tournaments you need to be an official USA Water Ski Member. It is a $50 annual membership fee that comes with a monthly waterski magazine subscription. Make sure to hold onto your Membership Number! Join USA Water Ski here:
  5. Hang out with us! We are always excited to welcome new members to the waterski family!

No prior experience is required to join the team, just a desire to learn. The team provides all necessary equipment and instruction, and we are open to new team members throughout the semester. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at, or attend our General Meetings every Monday at 9pm in UTC 1.104.